Sunday, May 6, 2012

Final Exam Finished

Well, I paid the price for watching a movie, chatting with the kids, playing a video game (Mass Effect 3, heh), and eating dinner....

all while taking my final exam for CIS 217.

So, I made a few mistakes, mostly not noticing when a question says "Show me which of these is incorrect", and I pick the "correct" answer, thus getting the question wrong. I do it all the time...and it's too late to stop doing it now, I guess!

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know that there ARE errors in the Final Exam. I've sent Grace a list of the ones that I got wrong that I KNOW to be correct (which I verified with code shortly after submitting the exam). I would have sent the list to everyone, but I'm not going to get hammered for giving out exam answers ;-)

But if you got something wrong and got a bad grade, don't stress over it if you know the answer was right. She'll update it if you let her know.


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