Sunday, March 4, 2012

CIS 217: Midterm Programming Project

The midterm programming project for class was actually easier than some of the other projects that we've had to do, so I decided to play with it a bit.  I went off to and found some publically available photographs of some paper, a rock, and a pair of scissors, and used those in the project.

Of course, my 6 year old decided to ask me why we refer to a (singular) scissor as a "pair" of which case I had to run to Google and try to find out why we say this ;-)  Gotta love kids, right?

I'm not sure if we're allowed to post code from the midterm or not (everything on the net is cached somewhere (Wayback Machine, etc)), so it wouldn't be hard for a smart student in a future class to pull the code up on Google (not that there aren't crap-tons of P-R-S code out there already, I guess).

I'm not a fan of the "Big Bang Theory" television show...some YouTube clips are funny, but for the most part I just can't sit through sitcoms.  But the "Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock" shout-out to the guy who created it was funny, and I've seen T-Shirts online at places like for it.  While I was waiting for the grill to heat up for some yummy Brats and Burgers, I decided to change our midtem project to this version, which was funny.

Here's a YouTube link to the BBT clip that I originally saw this on:

Hope everyone did well!

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