Sunday, March 4, 2012

CIS 217: Midterm Exam

I hope everyone did well on the midterm exam!  It had some questions that made you think (mostly going through vague decision or loop statements).  Nothing too hard, but I had to increase the magnification on the page (CTRL + MouseWheelUp) to read some of it, because the font was so small.

Did anyone else have questions that were marked wrong, but were in fact correct?  This happened earlier at the start of the semester, and the quizzes were updated.  I went through the book after the exam and looked up most of the answers (those that weren't vague like "programming languages use operators to manipulate data"), and list page numbers.  I let Ms. Mah know, so I'm hoping she has time to fix it (they are the correct answers, after all).

Just curious.  I seem to have the worst luck when using WebStudy, so I'm glad that they're moving away from it in the future!  Hopefully it's easier for instructors to create/edit the exams, because right now it's such a pain (if you saw it, you'd wonder if all online teachers have to take a class on scripting!).



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